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Civil Litigation Attorney in Clinton, Maryland

Arguments and disputes happen in everyone’s lives, and rarely do they reach a point where legal action needs to be taken. However, for those few and far between situations where you do find yourself needing to pursue a civil lawsuit to exact damages, you should always work with a reputable civil litigation attorney.   

If you would like to discuss your case with a lawyer and are in the Clinton, Maryland, area, give me a call at the Law Office of William Ray Ford. I’m also able to represent clients throughout the area, including Calvert County, Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel, Montgomery County, Howard County, Frederick County, and Queen Anne’s County. 

Defining Civil Litigation 

Civil litigation is a broad term used to describe a legal dispute between two parties that is not the result of a crime being committed or the consequences of a crime. These lawsuits occur when one party feels they are owed compensation or services for some harm done to them. The word “civil” means “relating to a citizen,” but these lawsuits can occur not only between two people, but between two businesses, an individual and a business, or even an individual who is pursuing a lawsuit against a government agency.

The majority of these cases are resolved outside the courtroom through negotiations, but some may see the inside of a courtroom. When this happens, each side will argue their case in front of a judge or jury (ideally with an experienced attorney representing them), and afterward, the judge or jury will issue a verdict on what, if any, damages should be awarded.  

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Common Types of Civil Litigation  

  • Debt collection disputes: If you have experienced financial difficulties and have been harassed by creditors either through phone calls, texts, emails, or mail, you may be able to file a collection dispute against them. Creditors have numerous laws they must adhere to when contacting customers, which include what time of day they can contact you, what they’re allowed to say, how they can say it (i.e., they can’t use threatening language), and how they need to comply when you request that they don’t contact you at your place of business. Additionally, if you’ve declared bankruptcy and you’re still receiving debt collection calls, the creditor is likely in violation of the court-ordered automatic stay and should be held accountable for this. 

  • Negligence/injury: Personal injury lawsuits are very common in the U.S. and give accident victims an avenue to get the compensation they need. Many of these will fall under the premises liability laws which state that property owners have a duty of care to keep their property free from hazards that could cause injury. For example, you fall down a flight of stairs that has loose boards, or you trip over an uneven floor that should have been fixed. 

  • Consumer protection: There are several consumer protection laws in place to help those who are injured or harmed in some way by dangerous or defective goods or deceitful business practices. When these laws are violated and this violation results in an injury, you have the right to seek damages. 

  • Breach of contract: Contract disputes can happen often in the business world, but they can also occur in real estate transactions or any situation when two people or businesses have contracted with one another. If the terms of the contract are violated by one party, and a resolution cannot be achieved through mediation or arbitration, you may be able to bring a lawsuit forward. 

  • Car accidents and claim denials: Car accidents are another major source of civil litigation. When traditional insurance claims don’t result in adequate compensation for the injured party, you may need to bring forward a personal injury claim to help cover the expense related to the accident.  

  • Landlord/tenant disputes: Finally, disputes can often happen between landlords and tenants, and this can sometimes lead to litigation. For example, if a tenant has failed to pay their rent, and the landlord has taken all the necessary steps to receive payment, they may consider a civil claim. On the other side, if a tenant is being unfairly charged for damages that they were not responsible for, they may bring a suit against their landlord. 

The Civil Litigation Process 

As stated earlier, most civil litigation never sees the inside of a courtroom. However, it will be necessary for you to work with a skilled lawyer, and this is the first step anyone should take who’s considering litigation. Your lawyer can help you better understand how strong your case is, gather and organize evidence, and negotiate on your behalf with the other party’s legal representative. If a settlement is not achieved this way, a court date will be set where both sides will present their cases to a judge or jury. 

Civil Litigation Attorney Serving Clinton, Maryland

If you’re in the Clinton, Maryland, area and would like to learn more about civil litigation and whether you have grounds to bring forward a lawsuit, reach out to me at the Law Office of William Ray Ford.